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January 2013

How to take care of your muscles!

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Everyone gets tight and sore muscles. Whether you are a professional athlete, recreational runner, have a long commute to work, sit at a desk for the majority of the day or have a labor intensive occupation, ’tissue health’ exercises are crucial for you to stay pain and injury free.

When we have tight muscles, most commonly we revert to trying to stretch that muscle ‘out’. Although stretching does have it’s place in keeping our body healthy, our muscles require more than just increasing their length. We must improve the tone of our muscles. The tone of our muscles refers to how tough or soft they are. We have all heard the term ‘trigger point’ and most have probably felt the relief of this tender area following an Active Release Technique, registered massage, or graston technique treatment. These treatments aim to eliminate and decrease the amount of soft-tissue adhesions and scar tissue and therefore improve the overall muscle tone and function.

To compliment the above soft tissue treatments you can perform your own self massage or muscle release with the use of a foam roller. The roller allows you to break up scar tissue in tight muscles on a daily basis at your own convenience. Regularly performing the rolling techniques demonstrated by Dr. Sly in the video will help keep your muscles healthy and pain-free.

If you have any questions about this technique or on where to get a roller, please feel free to contact us.



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