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March 2014

Ankle Band Distraction Mobs

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Hey everyone,

Today’s video will show you how to improve and maintain your ankle mobility by attacking the joint. The previous two videos focused on how you can work on the soft-tissue and muscles around the ankle to increase your range of motion. Here you will see how using a band can help you create distraction in the ankle joint, which can improve the glide and motion in the joint possibly lead to an increase in your dorsiflexion or ankle flexion.

Band Distraction Ankle Mobilization Video

Next week’s video will wrap up Ankle Mobility Month with Paul Vaillancourt demonstrating a great way to loosen up the tough connective tissue around the ankle. Stay tuned.


Ankle Mobility Test and Drill

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Hey everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the last video about the importance of working on your calf muscles to increase you ankle range of motion. Continuing with the March Ankle Mobility Month our second instalment involves Dr. Sly, along side Paul V., demonstrating a great way to test and improve your ankle mobility.

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