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90-90 (modifications included)

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The 90/90 hip mobility movement is a great way to work on both hips at the same time. It combines external rotation of the front leg and internal rotation of the back leg which is required in most dynamic and athletic movements from walking, to a golf swing, to a hockey stride. A lack of either internal/external rotation on either side can lead to compensations in movement.
The following videos demonstrate modifications for the 90/90. Some key points to help perform the movement are:
• both knees need to be at 90 degree angles
• foot on front leg should be in line with the back knee and shin


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Foam rolling is a great way to help loosen the muscles in an area that is feeling tight. Tight hips or quads will benefit from this particular type of rolling seen in the video. Please note the regression and progressions that Phil demonstrates. We recommend starting with a low intensity method and progress if you feel you could use more pressure on the muscles.

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