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Foam rolling is a great way to help loosen the muscles in an area that is feeling tight. Tight hips or quads will benefit from this particular type of rolling seen in the video. Please note the regression and progressions that Phil demonstrates. We recommend starting with a low intensity method and progress if you feel you could use more pressure on the muscles.

Is Your Child’s Backpack Causing Them Back Pain?

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Did You Know:

● 90% of school children wear backpacks daily
● The weight of these backpacks is of growing concern for teachers and doctors everywhere
● Some childrens’ backpacks weigh up to 46% of their body weight
● Recommendations are that backpacks weigh no more than 15% of child’s weight
● These heavy backpacks may be contributing to back pain in school aged children

What Should You Do?

  1. Select a backpack with a padded back. Padded backs enhance comfort, and reduce pressure on your child’s back.
  2. Only pack what is necessary. It is understandable to want ensure your child has everything they may need, but try to only pack what is absolutely necessary and leave the heavier items at home.
  3. Two strap it. Studies have shown that back pain increases when it is worn with one strap rather than two. Bonus points if the straps are padded!
  4. Load heavy items closest to the body. This decreases the stress of the bag on your child’s shoulders.
  5. Reduce time the backpack is worn. Not only is the weight of the backpack important, but the duration of time the bag is worn as well. Do your best to limit this in order to prevent back pain.

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Hip Flexor Stretch

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The front of the hip is a tricky area to stretch. Setting up in the proper position is critical.
Key points to focus on:
✔️ FRONT LEG: knee over ankle
✔️ BACK LEG: knee stacked under hip, shoulder and ear
✔️ PELVIC POSITION: Contract back leg, bum(glute), and abs to tuck your tailbone underneath you

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